Content: Our story

From the idea . . .
We are firmly convinced that each of us has a talent, a skill or a special knowledge that can be of great value and benefit to others. Sharing with someone creates joy and giving makes one happy. It is not about money or about generating a profit, but about the appreciation received by giving your time and skill for the benefit of other people. So would it not be exciting to bring the potential of our skills together and to create a transparent and interesting offer? A pool of talents, which can be exchanged for mutual assistance?

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who might help someone with something and that is of value to that person. Usually it is limited to family, friends or neighbourhood circles. It is a natural progression in this technological age to evolve this into an online market place of our collective skills and talents - and this in an easy, free and fun way.

This conviction is the fundament on which the idea of skillharbour was created.
. . . to
The name skillharbour was born in the port of Hamburg, Germany. This lively and historic place with so many people, ships and goods from around the world has inspired us. How would it be if each of the myriad of coloured containers symbolized a special talent? What story could it tell us? A port is a magical place where the whole world meets. So we wanted to create our own port and meeting place for talents, skills and knowledge: skillharbour.

After a lot of work, perseverance and the needed inspiration flash at the right time, we did it. Now we want to feed skillharbour with your talents and needs and develop it to a creative and dynamic harbour of talents. It will grow through the mutual wishes and suggestions from its members.
The core value of skillharbour will always stay in the foreground:

Do what you love for people who love what you do!
The skillharbour team wishes you a lot of fun exchanging your unique skills and talents!
Graziella Michel
Founder & CEO