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Alphawave Therapy is a fusion of modern day therapeutic approaches and ancient healing methods making sure to tackle a problem on an adequate level (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). Using a framework of Clinical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy together with performance coaching and other healing modalities.


Lenka is a clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, NLP, EFT master practitioner, and trauma informed therapist with speciality in high performance coaching and insomnia. Success in treating: depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, fears, weight control, confidence, relationship issues, heart break, life crisis, OCD, sports performance, social anxiety and more. Apart from therapy, she is also an athlete and has developed her own unique approaches that take you from where you are to where you ultimately desire to be. She specialises in 24 hour ultra marathon races and her team is currently the record holder of a 24 hour race in Le Mans. Having spent time training and coaching her team, she has tracked results of success. She believes that it is important to look at a problem as a complexity that can be tackled from any layer of our being (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual).