Swap carpentry skills with computer skills

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I have alot of satinwood I need cut up, from logs 4x4x20inches Seeking to trade my pc skills I can install software and hardware, I would never do anything I wasn't sure of, can recover data, can usually solve any pc issue. Also studied web design so can help with web design I suggest we meet and discuss first at a coffee shop I envisage we would have the pc lessons at yr home and yr band saw would have to be in your home so you can cut the wood before or after the lesson.. though you may have it a workshop so I could goto your workshop, if you have a laptop I could teach you there too, or not possible if yr pc needs attention 🤗 I suggest one hour of cutting for 2 hours of lessons -I would like to watch you cut so I can try to learn to do it myself. Also want to decide best way to cut wood, as whole sheets or sections to make blanks Need to get rid of at least half the wood. I've got 150 pieces of wood so could teach you alot in that time I could teach guided by yr desires Do if you wanted to do several things, ud list them and I could prepare them for the lesson I'm also a classically trained pianist and self taught myself folk/blues guitar, if we run out of things to teach you on pc, before all my wood is cut up