Rock Climbing - first steps

  • Skills
  • Outdoor/Sports


Intro to climbing (what to wear, where to go, dos and dont's of climbing gyms, safety tips and many more) All sessions in a climbing gym in London (about 2 hours or more per session)


Just to be clear: Climbing can be dangerous, can lead to injury and in some circumstances to death. We will discuss how to avoid those. I will not ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, and if I see you do something dangerous I will let you know, but in the end - this is you who will be responsible for your health and safety in climbing gym or outdoors. I can introduce you to climbing. I have completed a rock climbing and mountain climbing courses, I have been climbing for three years and can bring up to two unexperienced friends to a climbing gym in London. I would help you with basics and if you enjoy - I can help you learn some climbing techniques to improve your skills. If you think you have a fear of heights - we can discuss it, and agree what is your level of comfort. I would never ask my student to do something they don't feel comfortable with :)