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Welcome to skillharbour!
One more "click" and you can exchange your talent with all members and thus can benefit from other members' skills.
The more interesting skills can be exchanged, the more exciting skillharbour becomes.
So we count on you: Please also post your skill or your need! 
We have many registrations and need more posts!
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And now - have fun and enjoy sharing and exchanging skills and talents.

Your skillharbour team Graziella, Bettina, Beat
Your first and last names (can also be nicknames) are needed for the exchange with other members.  All registrations with "password tool generated names" (e.g. CWMrnyjuVpxcEHX or similar) will be removed, as such accounts cannot be used for exchange between members.

As we get quite many registrations with not working e-mails: please assure that the e-mail you enter works. It is used to contact each other and also to exchange skillhours. 


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