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I'm 35 years old and its about 17 years that I've started practicing yoga, and I have teaching certificates from india and iran. I've been teaching for about three years now. Since recently I've been traveling, im not settled in any country yet, but I'm going to spend few months in spain. The type of yoga that i practice or teach, is mostly meditative yoga... With asanas, breath exercises, and of course mental concentration. When i was 18 i found out that practicing yoga is having a big relaxing affect on my body and mind, and it was so interesting to see just doing simple and slow body movements and deep breathing, can calm the mind and bring it to a conscious and mindful state, changing the "feeling" and "emotions" and the way i look at myself and my world around.... Since then, i became addicted to yoga practices... As if i enter in to a conversation with my deeper self, that are lying inside different parts of my body, as a way to harmonize and unify my mind and body. I don't see my body parts just as a physical material that is separate from my mind, but i see them as one concept which manifest themselves in different ways... So when i work the body, i work the mind, and when i work the mind, the body changes too...