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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is skillharbour?
An innovative platform to independently exchange the many talents and skills which each of us possess in a simple and entertaining way.
Does a membership cost anything?
skillharbour membership is free, like breathing air or having a walk in a lovely landscape.
Why would I share my talents via skillharbour?
Quid pro quo. Offer what you love to do to people who love what you do - in a broader network than you might already have with e.g. your friends and family.
But I have no skills to contribute...
Sure you have! Everyone has something which he/she loves to do. And this is what you can publish as a skill. Do you love e.g. biking, gardening, walking: here we go, this is something you can post and offer to other members.
Why should I publish a need?
Why not? If you are looking for support or help, give the skillharbour members "a chance" to contact you and offer their assistance.
Where can I find an overview of everything that concerns me?
On your profile ("Ahoy, 'your name'") you see
• My transactions: an overview of all running processes
• My wishlist: all entries that interest you and that you have "wishlisted"
• History: all completed exchange processes
• My skills: all your entries, be it talents or needs, also all your drafts
• Settings: your user settings, such as last name, first name, place, brief description, picture
• Change Password: Set your password when you register or change it later
• Deactivate account: Cancel your skillharbour membership and deletion of all your data
What is the wishlist?
The wishlist helps you to mark and compare the talents/needs you're interested in.
The entry of a talent / need is in English only, where can I find it in German?
Each member decides the appropriate language setting for their skillharbour account. There are no translations by skillharbour. It is possible for you to capture your entry in both languages.
Can I use skillharbour also for professional purposes?
No, skillharbour is only for private usage. Refer also to our T&C.
Only exception: organisations/persons who advertise on