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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions at


Can I use the name of my company for my profile?
skillharbour is a platform for the exchange between private persons. Therefore, please use it only for private purposes.
Only exception: organisations/persons who advertise on
How can I change my rating if someone submits a negative rating or is abusive? 
You cannot change your rating yourself. If you think there is abuse, please contact us with the appropriate accompanying material at "".
Where can I add a comment in response to the submitted rating? 
In the beta version of skillharbour, this is not yet possible.
Misuse of my data 
If you any concerns or have a reason to believe that your data could be misused, please contact the skillharbour team at ""
How can I change my password? 
Go to your profile ("Ahoy, 'your name'") and click on "Change Password".
How can I delete my profile? 
Go to your profile ("Ahoy, 'your name'") and click on "Delete profile".
Will my data be disclosed? 
Your data will not be disclosed to third parties by skillharbour.