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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are skillhours?
Skills and talents are exchanged on the basis of your time => "skillhours". Normally one skillhour equals 60 minutes. There is no money nor any other financial instrument involved.  
Who determines how many skillhours are exchanged?
You and your exchange partner. You can exchange several skillhours, the minimum is one skillhour.
What is the difference between "Available skillhours", "Earned skillhours" and "Used skillhours" on my profile?
"Available skillhours" are those skillhours that are available for your exchange. They are the difference between "Earned skillhours" and "Used skill hours".
How can I be sure that my exchange partner has enough skillhours?
In principle, the inquiring person is responsible to have enough skillhours. You can view in the profile of your exchange partner the difference between " skillhours achieved " and "skillhours used". The difference is the theoretically available skillhours for an exchange. Please be aware, however, that other exchange processes could be ongoing  and therefore, the skillhours number could change at any time.
How can I acquire additional skillhours? 
This is only possible via the exchange with other members: Offer your talent and agree with the interested member the number of skillhours for the exchange. It is not possible to buy skill hours.
Can I pass on skillhours? 
Skillhours can only be donated to non-profit organizations (such as foundations, retirement homes, etc.). However, donations functionality is not yet available in the beta version of the platform. If you do not want to wait and want to donate "immediately" send an email to info@skillharbour and the skillharbour team will manually transfer your skillhours.
Can I sell skill hours? 
No, this is not possible. Only donations are possible.