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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions at


How can I find "at a glance" all my talent and need entries?
Go to your profile ("Ahoy, 'your name'") and click on "My talents"
How can I change, resp. remove, the picture in my skill/need entry?
In the editing mode of your entry, click on the word "change". To remove it, click on "clear". In the beta version, there is not yet a "box" available to click at word "change", as it is the case with the word "clear".
When I upload a picture for my talent/need entry, only parts are shown, not the complete picture.
The beta version is limited re. picture sizes which it can upload. A rectungular picture is required, the width should be approx. double to the height. Example: width 300, height 170. Please contact us under if we can assist you with your picture.
How can I delete my talent / need entry, also my drafts?
In the beta version, this is not yet possible for members. Please send a mail to with the exact name of the entry and we will remove it for you.
Where do I find my completed transactions?
Go to your profile ("Ahoy, 'your name'") and click on "History" and all your completed transactions are clearly displayed. All your ongoing transactions can be found under "My transactions".